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Camping in the mountains since 1965

Groven Camping and Cabins is placed on an old grazing area belonging to Groven farm, but in the 1960s the idea of making a camping site here started developing.

Groven Camping had its first season in the summer of 1965, and top modern sanitary facilities and three cabins, as well as spots for caravans and tents was set in place for the opening. During the years after, there was built a yard with cabins from old wood found at Groven and in the area nearby. The oldest house on the grounds is around 700 years old, and one of the oldest cabins in Norway.

We keep expanding

During the years since then Groven Camping has expanded a lot, and a kiosk, restaurant, playground, joint living room, hut, swimming pond, and barbeque spots have been set up. In 2015, the camper site with dump station and sanitary facilities was set in place, and our portal at 7 meters high was ready in 2021.

Come visit our historical camping in Vinje and make memories of a lifetime.